aPass Pro

Is a modern solution for effective monitoring and access requests for visitors to residential gated estates.

It aims to manage visitors’ access control and ensure accountability of all guests within a residential gated estate or community, with access requested by the host.

At any particular time, the Home or host with visitors is known and reports can be generated when needed by the community/estate administrator.

It helps to properly identify guests and manage their entry/exit.

With aPass Pro, you
– Send an invitation to your guest and they receive their access code via SMS
– You can choose to validate invite during the booking process
– You get PUSH Notification when your guest arrives at the estate gate
– You also validate guest exit
– Ease of Identification of Community residents and dependants
– History of visits available at your fingertips
– Handles multiple estates scenarios flawlessly
– Chat features between members without exposing personal numbers
– Panic Mode: To call for help in case of Fire, Security & Medical emergencies.
– PEBS (Personal Emergency Broadcast Service) Mode: SOS Alert to Resident networks when in distress.


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