Time Prefect – Terminal

Time Prefect® is a modern solution to traditional problem of attendance monitoring. Its an easy to use, quick to setup application which turns your smartphones and any tablet to a sophisticated attendance and payroll system.

It enables users to scan in & out swiftly. It removes the complexity of Employee attendance payroll calculations. There are various employee data reporting and data export capability to other payroll software.
Goto: www.timeprefect.com to set up your account and get running in minutes



· Easy Signup – Easy Signup process combined with the ability to easily print out the cards means you can be up & running in less than 3 Minutes.

· Multiple Reporting System & Data Export – Managers have access to multiple online reports to track attendance and calculate pay. Reports can be exported to different formats allowing for easy integration with Payroll systems.

· Cloud Based System – No Physical Servers to maintain as all data are stored in the cloud.

· Work Scheduling – Easy Scheduling of Employee Work Hours / Shift & Rotations.

· Attendance Records – Easily Tracks Attendance Records.

· Quick Scan & Snap Technology – Quick Scan & Snap Technology to prevent Buddy Punching on Time Prefect Stations.

· Detail Employee Profile – Easily Create and maintain detail database of your employees.

· GPS Location Sign in Tagging – Map the geographical location where employees punch in and out from.

· Offline Mode – Take it to a remote site and use it to track time & attendance. When an Internet connection becomes available, your device will automatically synchronize all its data with www.timeprefect.com

· Multiple/Unlimited Time Prefect Stations – You can link multiple Devices to your company, allowing you to track time and attendance across different locations and departments.

· SmartPhone & Tablet Apps – Time Prefect Apps can be deployed both on Tablets & Smartphones.

· Available on Android & IOS – Time Prefect Apps available both on IOS & Android.

· Check In & Check Out Email Notifications – Email Notifications to multiple email addresses for each Employee/Student check In & Check Out

· Flash / Random / Scrolling Messaging Service – Flash Messages from Administrators to all / selected Time Prefect Stations Users.

· Multiple Administrator – Multiple Administrators for each account

· Department Transfers – Easily transfer from one department/branch to another without need for new card printout

· Unlimited Departments – Unlimited departments/branch can be created on each account.



Time Prefect® finds great applications for business owners with multiple business location who wants to be fully informed about the status of their employee location.

Time Prefect® simply ensures Employers do not pay for time not invested in their business by their Employee


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